White Monkey Villa

White Monkey Villa is a luxury vacation rental home located in the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. With its crystal clear water and organic design, the home provides a unique cozy feeling to its guests. Making it ideal for hosting families and groups.

More Information

client: White Monkey Villa, Victor RuizAgency: Ment StudioCreative Direction: Edgar Fayad Video & Editing: Edgar FayadDrone Operator: Alonzo Ruiz de AzuaProduction: Alonzo Ruiz de AzuaProduction Assistant: Karen Bejerano

They came up to us in order to create a modern "scroll stopping" hero video to be used on their website alone with paid publicity. We wanted to keep a classy look to it, so we went for movements that highlighted the spacious home complemented with our art direction. We carefully chose props that added value to the end product. Our colors palette was seamless and complementary to the home, making it feel all organic and natural.

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